Food industry

We have several companies in our portfolio involved in green, organic and/or sustainable food businesses

It is important to make the global economy green. These companies offer various simple and easy alternatives for a more green lifestyle while shopping.

Sustainable and organic agriculture as well as fair-trade production provide significant opportunities for growth, investments and jobs to make this happen.

How can we meet the growing global demands for organic and sustainable food?

We invest in new production methods for organic farming, organic food brands and organic store concepts. Always looking for new solutions.

Organic Farming
Organic farming was among the fastest growing segments of European agriculture. And, according to authoritative Food Marketing Institutes, more than half of Europeans now buy organic food at least once a month.

Organic Food Brands
Organic food sales have grown by 17 to 20 percent a year for the past few years, while sales of conventional food have grown more slowly, at about 2 to 3 percent a year.

This explosion in popularity has led the way for companies, to get into the organic food business and change the way that organics are perceived and, to a certain extent, the way they’re produced.