Investment strategy

Backing a project is more than just giving someone money

We are proud to be successful in several sustainable, organic and fair trade food industries and projects all over Europe.

Anvest Alternative Investments offers investment solutions that facilitate companies throughout their development cycle from start-up to mainstream. These different stages require different types of funding. We work with controlled and phased funding. This is a new kind of funding which means that we are able to reduce our risk with 50%. Because of our wide-spread investment portfolio with diversified interests, the risk of our total investments will be brought down.


At Anvest Alternative Investments, we do not limit ourselves to merely providing capital in various ways. This-century companies will need to be able to deal with continuous change. We place our know-how, experience and services at the disposal of our portfolio companies.

We offer free advice and support in various ways to bring out the best out of our investments, and of course also to reduce the risk.

Some examples of support are Financial Advice, Marketing Strategy, Technical Research, Business Consultancy, New Media Consultancy, Property Management, Legal and Tax Advice, and Restructuring.

European Stock Exchange Listing

Anvest Alternative Investments enables several companies of the Anvest Alternative Investments Portfolio an IPO on a recognized European Stock Exchange. An IPO is considered tobe the ideal scenario, because this can make the maximum profits for the investors of the relevant companies realize. We offer this service for free to our portfolio customers.