We invest in entrepreneurs with a need for capital to turn sustainable ideas into great sustainable companies

Anvest Alternative Investments is an international investment company.

At Anvest Alternative Investments, we are proud to be successful in several sustainable, organic and fair trade industries and projects all over Europe.

Our investment sectors include e.g. organic farming, organic retail projects, sustainable leisure projects, alternative farming investments, sustainable organic catering projects, green real estate development, sustainable food production, green farming, organic food industries and fair-trade industry.

Because, when you take good care of nature, nature will take care of you!

We are active on several levels of funding and providing capital: Seed Capital, Venture Capital and Private Equity. By our funding we have pioneered several companies of importance and innovation.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

These days, businesses take upon themselves certain duties and responsibilities, simply by existing and operating, These are not only to their customers, their employees and their shareholders, but also to the world as a whole: to its present inhabitants, to future citizens yet unborn and to the environment as a whole.

We think that all organisations today should seek to develop principles of conservation within all levels of business activity. This message has not yet been accepted by everyone, but it is becoming harder to ignore.