Sustainable Leisure Projects

We invest in entrepreneurs with ideas for sustainable leisure projects!

At Anvest Alternative Investments, we have many years’ experience and extensive knowledge of the international real estate business. We offer optimal solutions for professional national and international real estate clients.

We focus on green and sustainable leisure projects.

Leisure Projects

We prefer to invest in interesting leisure concepts with a great combination of activities and leisure accommodations like holiday homes, lodges and apartments. These concepts have gleaned the highest real estate value, the highest average home price, and the greatest velocity of home and lot sales.

We also provide capital for various now today ways of leisure projects as an interesting alternative for traditional leisure real estate, such as chalets and glamping projects.

Energy-Saving and Eco

When we support a leisure project, it will be developed and built according to all the procedures, practices and operating guidelines of strict environmental policies.

Furthermore, these projects not only meet these stringent environmental standards but also our standard eco-needs. From the recyclable materials to the ‘forest-safe’ wood used in the construction, till the daily use, all leisure projects will be kind to the environment.

Environmental Leisure projects

It is important that Leisure projects are planned and managed to improve the quality of life of the residents and to protect the local, natural and cultural environment.

Tourism can be sustainable and that by investing in biodiversity through the process of environmental management, it is possible to integrate a leisure development with a valuable part of our natural heritage.