Axel Bott
Axel Bott has extensive experience as manager, consultant and entrepreneur in finance, services, marketing, and media. Axel Bott has extensive experience in Finance, Marketing and Product management, having worked for more than 35 years in these fields. You can say he is a highly experienced old warhorse.

Stefan Nüesch
Stefan Nüesch is a professional with a wide experience. He is not only a lawyer but he has also been active as an attorney at law. He is a real generalist with not only legal knowledge but also great skills in organisational science, merges and acquisitions, restructuring and consulting.

Susan Hollyman
Susan is member of Board of Directors of LadiesLending. Based in the UK, Susan is active as an investor with her own company 4Capital. She also provides advisory services in marketing, recruiting, and communications. She has held a number of management positions, and previously served as Executive of a publishing and direct marketing company.

Willem de Vos, Advisor to the Board
Willem de Vos has extensive experience in the fields Entrepreneurship, Technical Development, and Financing. At the age of 28, he was one of the youngest owners ever of a successful leasing company in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf for the hospitality and leisure industry, without decline.

Patrick Loppé, Advisor online and mobile market
Patrick Loppé has more than 11 years experience in the field of Mobile, Video and Internet Media Business. Patrick Loppé has a wide experience in online and mobile businesses. His qualities and knowledge are broad. He has also broad experience in Media Businesses, esp. in online and mobile news services, as he has been working as a manager in this field at Telegraaf Media Nederland Group for seven years.